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Logos a svět

This book contains twenty-six contributions written on the occasion of the 70th birthday of two eminent Czech scholars, Ladislav Hejdanek and Jakub S. Trojan. The papers differ both thematicaly and methodicaly, beginning with the biblical and theological studies and then continuing with those dealing with philosophical issues. The contributions are composed by top Czech and foreign specialists: J. Simsa, O. Nytrova, D. Antalik, M. Balaban, T. de Boer, K. Deurloo, J. A. Dus, P. Filipi, A. Havlicek, J. Heller, I. Chvatik, P. Kouba, M. Lycka, P. Macek, J. Michalek, J. Moravec, J. Mrazek, M. Petricek, L. Pokorny, P. Pokorny, N. Rejchertova, V. Rühle, J. Smolik, J. Sokol, M. Sedina, V. Tydlitatova. A. Havlíček, „Logos jako dialogos. Platonovo ‘mlceni’“ („Logos as Dialogos. The ‘Silence’ of Plato“), in: M. Balaban (ed.), Logos a svet (Logos and World), Praha 1997, p. 88-102. There are two different accounts of written text presented in Plato’s Phaidros: (1) „logoi“ as being nothing but rhetoric persuation which is able to put the wisdom into the soul of pupils (represented by Phaidros); (2) „logoi“ as a play, which is defined by rules of a dialectical „techne“ (Socrates). It is impossible to consider all Socrates’ statements conveying Plato’s meaning. What follows is a question about the role of the author. Some scholars (Krämer, Gaiser, Slezák, Reale) claim that Plato’s own meanings don’t appear in the dialogues. But Plato as an author of Phaidros isn’t silent - he tries to analyse how to write about such problems as the „justice“, „virtue“ (and also „ideas“) which are uncertain. He shows that the continous critisism and analysis of written texts is necessary.
Edited by Milan Balabán, Paperback, Published 1997, 290 pages, ISBN 80-86005-40-2.

pages: 290
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 130x202
publication year: 1997

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ISBN: 80-86005-40-2

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