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Plato's Protagoras

Proceedings of the third international Symposium Platonicum Pragense held in Prague in 11. - 13.10. 2001.



T. Ebert, The Role of the Frame Dialogue in Plato's Protagoras
F. Karfik, Die Seele in der Gefahr. Zu Protagoras 310a8-314c2
B. Manuwald, Der Mythos im Protagoras und die Platonische Mythopoiie
K. Thein, Teleology and Myth in the Protagoras
G. Heinemann, Das „Ordnen" der „Naturen" (Prot. 320d-321c)
A. Havlíček, Die Einheit und die Lehrbarkeit der arete im Protagoras
F. L. Lisi, Wissen und Unwissen in Platons Protagoras
Ch. J. Rowe, Hedonism in the Protagoras again: Protagoras, 351b ff.
Ch. C. W. Taylor, The Hedonism of the Protagoras Reconsidered
Ch. H. Kahn, Socrates and Hedonism
J. Tomin, The Protagoras in the Light of the Seventh Letter
P. Hobza, The Protagoras as Plato's Apology of Socrates
B. Bossi, On Aristotle's Charge of Socratic Intellectualism: The Force of a Misunderstanding
T. M. Robinson, Protagoras, the Protagoras and the Dissoi Logoi

Edited by Aleš Havlíček and Filip Karfík.
Hardback, Published 2003, 258 pages, ISBN 80-7298-092-0.

pages: 258
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 135x205
publication year: 2003

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ISBN: 80-7298-092-0

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