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Plato's Statesman

Proceedings of the eight international Symposium Platonicum Pragense held in Prague in 10.–12. 11. 2011.



M. Dixsaut, La bonne mémoire de Socrate
M. Louise Gill, Plato’s Statesman and Missing Philosopher
Ch. Rowe, The Statesman and the Best City
M. Lane, Political Expertise and Political Office in Plato’s Statesman:
D. El Murr, Protagoras et l’âge de Zeus du mythe du Politique
J. Jinek, „Herdenzucht“ und „Gemeinschaftszucht“
F. Karfík, The World of Human Politics
J. Jirsa, Letters and models: on the Statesman, 277d–278e
D. O’Meara, A New Robe for the Goddess in Plato’s Statesman?
K. Thein, “The Greatest and Most Valuable Things”: On Statesman 285d9–286a7
M. Miller, Non-bifurcatory Diairesis and Greek Music Theory: A resource for Plato in the Statesman?
F. Ricken, Plato’s Statesman – a Political Utopia?
D. Ambuel, Pigs in Plato: Delineating the Human Condition in the Statesman


Edited by A. Havlíček, K. Thein and J. Jirsa.

Hardback, Published 2013, 240 pages, ISBN 978–80–7298–470–1.

pages: 240
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 135x205
publication year: 2013

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ISBN: 978-80-7298-470-1

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ISBN: 978-80-7298-550-0

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