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Co je analytický výrok? - Sv. 8

Anthology to the problems of Analytic Proposition consists of folowing articles and excerpts from works:

J. Peregrin, Diskuse o analytičnosti v našem století
I. Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft
J. S. Mill, A System of Logic, Raciocinative and Inductive
G. Frege, Grundlagen der Arithmetik
A. J. Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic
L. Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein's Lectures, Cambridge
N. Malcolm, Are Necessary Propositions Really Verbal?
W. Van O. Quine, Reading in the Philosophy of Language Prentice - Hall
H. P. Grice & P. F. Strawson, In Defence of a Dogma
H. Putnam, The analytic and the syntetic
Edited by Jaroslav Peregrin and Stanislav Sousedík, translated by Jaroslav Peregrin and Prokop Sousedík.
Paperback, Published 1995, 144 pages, ISBN 80-238-0469-3.

pages: 144
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 130x202
publication year: 1995

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ISBN: 80-238-0469-3

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