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Schifferová, Věra

Filosofie Jana Amose Komenského (Johannes Amos Comenius' Philosophy)

The objective of this volume is to introduce the systematical exposition of Comenius’ philosophy. The order of the topical parts correspondes to the historical order of Comenius’ philosophical development which culminated in his conception of the world based on his universal efforts to improve all human things. Therefore, the monograph focuses on the main categories of Comenius’ ontology (wholeness, order, unity, pan-harmony, light), gnoseology (the conception of the truth, harmony of senses, reason and faith), ethics (love and tolerance, freedom, the relation between ethics and politics), political philosophy (conception of politics, politics as a component of ethic world, universal improvement, humanization of man and world, universal reconciliation) and philosophy of education. The result of the work is the portrayal of Comenius’ thought as well as his more accurate localization within the European and Czech conceptual context. The monograph demonstrates to which extent Comenius’ legacy has remained relevant for our time. Published 2018, ca 300 pages, ISBN 978-80-7298-203-5.

ISBN: 978-80-7298-203-5
Binding: perfect binding
Size: 130x202
Year: 2018
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