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Jan Patočka, Letters to Florence Weber and Janine Pignet on Charter 77 (December 1976 - February 1977)
Jan Sokol, Jan Patočka and Charter 77
Filip Karfík, Life after Death in Jan Patočka
Miroslav Petříček, Phenomenology without Husserl. From Encounter to Event
Erazim Kohák, The Vagaries of Wesen
Martin Ďurďovič, Kant's Conception of Practise as the Last Purpose of Theoretical Interrogation

M. Athertonová, Are Chairs Still Chairs Even When No One is Around? On Berkeley, Empiricism and Women in Early-Modern Philosophy

George Berkeley - Samuel Johnson, Philosophical Correspondence (1729 - 1730)

Lenka Karfíková, A Future-Making Factory. Criticism on the Concept of "Appropriated Future" (Budost) in Ladislav Hejdanek's Philosophy
Ladislav Hejdánek, The "Event" Conceived as Temporal Pattern (a 'Non-Object') of Thinking

Book Reviews:
Martin Heidegger, Identität und Differenz (A. Novák)
Bernard Waldenfels, Bruchlinien der Erfahrung (H. Janoušek)
H.-H. Kögler, Kritická hermeneutika, kulturní studia a demokratická politika (M. Šimsa)
Stanislav Sousedík, Identitní teorie predikace (K. Šebela)

pages: 164
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 130x202
publication year: 2007

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ISBN: 0862-6901

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